Don’t you just need it?

Meditation Time

Coffee and Newspaper

coffee newspaper vintage photography meditation

If you crossed by any coffee shop in Egypt, in fact in the whole world; you will find a big percentage of people that are working on their laptops. If not then they are texting, if not then they would rather be holding their tablets. The other percentage will be hanging out with their friends just for fun.

But have you ever noticed someone who is actually having his/her special meditation time, flipping through a newspaper checking the news? A rare scene, huh? especially in the younger generation.

Only a small category that will be willing to detach themselves from technology and read a book, but a newspaper?

I don’t blame digital media that made newspapers an old tradition and succeeded in spreading the news much faster, I’m just sad for the newspapers’ current state. I’m expecting in 10 years from now we won’t find newspapers on news stand anymore.

In the photo, my dad’s super cool vintage glasses.


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